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Welcome to Urban Rivals Wiki The wiki about Urban Rivals that anyone can edit. We are twinned. 5, which is the strongest attack reductor bonus of Urban Rivals. If your opponent is bad with maths, his turn will expire, that's such a great advantage. In survivor. Urban Rivals ist ein kostenloses Massive Multiplayer Sammelkartenspiel. Wähle deine Charaktere, entwickle sie und kämpfe online gegen tausende Gegner.


Urban Rivals: Game Review C Porkksthe result of the latest Vortex experiment! Dixiethe Bangers sidekick of Lucaswill defend with him the streets from evil! Explore Wikis Community Central Fandom University. Oogway is the guardian spirit of the Fang Pi Clang White Lotus Room! The very first versions of the game were based on iMode and Wap mobile platforms.

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Fortunately, the Riots ' latest flying machine could yet save the day once it's been properly tweaked by the two Sentinel gunsmiths! Ad blocker interference detected! Gus Rope , the vengeful hanged man! Many of the ships appear to have spontaneously caught fire, and some frightening power is preventing the rest from setting sail! Introduced in January , they were old characters that were re-released in the form of cards with new artwork, although the stats and abilities of their original cards remained unchanged.