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After the obligatory week or two of post-finals laziness, summer can be a great time to pick up new skills. Want to learn a new programming. Channel 9, MSDN ranks in the top two course providers in our rankings due to the insane amount of high quality instruction on their site, and three of six of the. Online learning is growing in popularity. These 50 learning sites cover everything from music to programming, and range in age from child to adult.


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Classes range from basic introductory level courses to advanced coursework for pros. Our large-scale staffing solutions are used by companies of all sizes, from scrappy startups to Fortune s. A platform dedicated to providing free and open coursework, Canvas Network acts as a repository for courses. Top 5 Sites for Online Learning Information Space infophile. They push student engagement and faster learning as core values. A calendar of upcoming live classes is available on their site , in which you can interact with industry and creative leaders and your classmates to shape the class. Find courses in computer science, language, psychology, engineering, biology, marketing or any other field you're interested in. Udacity is a platform with a strong focus on technology, with a small but well-crafted selection of courses. After several years in a field, some professionals may decide they are ready for a change. Different schools have different expectations for their students. TED studies also provides curated content including questions, assignments, key terms, and recommended readings organized by academic topic and meant to supplement existing courses. Although the majority of General Assembly classes are in-person, they also offer a compact selection of online-only or mixed courses. They bridge the gap between academic knowledge and real world applications.